Update on my Metaverse Story. So, a weird thing happened with the Timeline.

Originally, you start with Planet Cerrus, which colonizes the Metaverse at the

peak of their Civilization. After 4 Empires are established there, their different

 schools of thought infect each other and balance out into a harmony which

becomes the Heaven Realm of Domminna. Now, the Metaverse has an Afterlife

and a Divine Ruling class above the 4 Empires. From this Order, and over many

Generations, the Arts and Sciences, theatrically performed as Ritualistic Magic

for connecting Emotion to Logic, develop further. Now, originally in the

Timeline, during a Great War between the 4 Empires, the Metaverse itself is

Shattered as a Reality from the Sheer Hedonistic Abuse of the Mages. This

caused deaths in very high numbers while a small informed part of the

population escaped to Earth around 2000 B.C, in the Desert City of

Ramashajiva, where they lived among Humans and tried to revive what was lost

of their culture. The Destruction of the Metaverse was Prophecised by the

Wizard Jinn-Lir, who was one of the survivors living in Ramashajiva. Stricken by

grief, he broke his Silence, and called out to his Apprentice "Coin", in the past

before the Metaverse was destroyed. Coin naturally informed her Master in her

own time of this, and how his logic to let the devastation play out was flawed

and regretted. So, the Timeline Shifts. The Great War is Prevented by Jinn-Lir

and Coin(a grown woman at the time), and The Metaverse gets to proliferate

further. The Story of Mystic Masters is no longer canon. At one point,Domminna

becomes sick, twisted, and disharmonized. This causes The Tendril Armor of

Mathias Mindblade to eat his Brother Razus Razorblade, which liquified the

Empire of Darkness, absorbing it into the Light Empire to multiply its power.

Having 3 Empires instead of 4 caused the Metaverse to re-order itself into a

single Castle of White Fire. The Order of Domminna was Sick, and the Rules of

Reality were being Perverted by a Fusion of Empress Wind Walker of

Akashmiran and Emperor Turok RhyGear of Claw:Mechos. This Fusion was

named TAO, and she was responsible for this entire upset. In another Reality,

Razus was still alive. A Pirate Captain of the Airship Razorblade, within which

an Alternate Mathias and Wind Walker had been Shanghaied. Mistress TAO

sought him out and lost the fight. TAO unfused, and the Alternate Razus worked

with the two Rulers to set right everything TAO had perverted in the Metaverse.

Original Razus was restored, as was Dark Equestria(named in the 90s before I

even knew about MLP leave me alone), so there have since been many

Generations after these 4 Rulers, looking at a Timeskip. A new castle has been

built to not only serve as a memorial of the Great War Prevented, and a Perverse

Castle of White Fire undone, but to serve as a meeting place for members of The

Legendary 5th Empire, which are those who believe in Rezda, the fusion

 of Mathias, Wind Walker, Turok, and Razus. These people follow a unified

philosophy of the 4 Empires. They are cursed as Heretics by some, and honored

as saviors by others.

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