I have an opinion about the new "Wealth Tax" concept. On one hand, you have the Billionaires complaining, and I'm going to start there. Getting to that point involves learning how to evade taxes systematically and legally. Billionaires are Systems Designers that Game the System Legally using Practical Applied Business Design. Business is their Game Engine to exploit exponential labor to gain exponential profits. This is a system that generates an Abundance of Jobs and Goods. We need Billionaires for this reason. They create a Culture of Abundance. If they take their systems elsewhere, all at once, we would no longer be a Culture of Abundance. You may be experiencing Scarcity, but you can still buy Soap, Gas, Food, and Clothing. If the Big Builders leave, I don't think we have enough small businesses to carry the weight shifted onto them to maintain our 1st World Culture. On the other hand, Capitalism as it is in the US mimics Evolution by Natural Selection too much for a species that is this Self-Aware. This kind of Capitalism has most of the Invisible Hand Pyramid working hard for relatively little, just to get by, while a small section at the top enjoys the benefits of the larger bottom part of the Pyramid, which is most of it. Look at what is happening in California. It's a 1st world shell holding a 3rd world horror. Human Centered Capitalism needs to get a start somewhere, and we need to fix a lot of System-wide Neglect in our Country. Countries like Finland invest in their Citizens as a Human Resource that makes the Country strong because they ARE the Country. In America, People are like Fuel for the System instead of the Pillars holding it up. It should not be hard for a given US Citizen to make it in America, yet so many of us can barely survive. Major System Redesigns are needed.

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