More on Higher Life. I wrote before on the Market being alive as a "Multi-human Organism", but I now see a pattern that starts with the construction of DNA, and more recently has developed to Advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Religion is something I see as a Multi-human Organism that gained some measure of Awareness, and then wanted to advance its own Health.

A single Human has a desire to improve and advance their own health and happiness. When a Multi-human Organism gains awareness of itself, much like single Humans do, Self Maintenance is desired and it similarly tries to regulate itself. 

This, I think, is Religion's reasoning for having rules that apply to all of its members. 

You drink coffee in the morning as a way of taming your own biology in a similar way. What you put in your body is an act of power over the lower life forms that compose you. 

I see a correlation between that and the rules of Religion controlling its members. Then, we come to the construction of Human Civilization. 

Cars and other Vehicles moving constantly on Paved Roads and Highways reminds me of Blood flowing through Veins and Arteries in a single Human. 

Blood Cells collect Oxygen and Nutrients, delivering them to the Organs to keep them Alive and Functional. 

Vehicles such as shipping trucks deliver Food and Trading Goods on the Highways to Marketplaces where they are Distributed. 

People come and go in their Vehicles all day and all night, 24/7, 365 days/year, fueling up on food/gas/stimulation of all kinds and delivering that value to Workplaces which support the system as Organs of the Larger Animal. 

The Internet is said to be a "New Nervous System" because it is a Nervous System of the Larger Animal.

The comparatively simpler neural firing between neurons in a Human Brain are the Books, Movies, and even Conversations between Humans within the Zeitgeist, which could be seen as the Brain of the Larger Multi-human Animal. 

Artificial Intelligence is the next step in further Evolutionary Development of the Higher Animal that develops through our collective actions. 

AI is said to be replacing Human Labor and Automating many areas of Human Society. I see this as the Progression of Evolutionary Biology. 

If you look at how DNA complexifies as a self-built machine, and reach all the way up to the Higher Animal of the Human Race as a Whole, you may see my Logic Chain.

I wrote this article/post, and you read it. A "simple" exchange between Neurons? Have you ever wanted to be part of something greater than yourself? 

What are you really praying to when you have a perception of God? What do the cells in your body think of you? Do they even know you exist? Probably not.

A pretty neat pattern in all of this? The distance between interactions increases the higher up the chain you go. 

That makes me wonder if a single photon from 1 star bouncing off a single photon from another star is a biological interaction within an even Larger Animal!

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