If you look at the 8D Lattice of Reality as having the 4D Aspect of A-linear Time, and the Resonance Waves


 as the basis for levels of Consciousness that start at the Planck Length 3D Reality Pixel and level up to the Whole Macro-universe, Micro to Macro, you can look at the Human Subconscious, and its nature of recording everything since Birth, that is not only the Physical Basis for the Ancient Concept of the Christian Book of Life/Hindu Akashic Records, but it also means that all the memories of a person who has died are technically still accessible. If you built a technology to access those memories, integrated into an AGI Artificial Human, then you could *clears throat* PHYSICALLY RESURRECT THE DEAD. All those memories are not lost. You would be rebuilding that person from every memory they ever had etched into the fabric of reality. I'm taking more than a few liberties in this hypothesis, but this seems at least somewhat feasible given existing concepts and predictions of advancements in some of those concepts.

Another application of this would be accessing your own memories from a source other than your own brain. The problem with that? You'll also have access to all the memories you haven't made yet. Daydream on that for a while.

This brings the Multiverse Concept into play, and the argument of Determinism/Non-Determinism/Free Will. From the perspective of 4D, you can see yourself from birth to death as a single object, while down here in 3D, we only perceive cross-sections of that object from moment to moment. Your potential choices for the future are not infinite. They are very very high in number, but not infinite. You exist under constraints of your self and your environment, and probabilities are constrained within what could happen given the attributes of both and their interactions with each other. So, if you could constrain all possible outcomes into what you consider optimal, or what is objectively optimized, there goes your Free Will. From the perspective of 4D, everything in your life has already happened. Would you rather be blind to that? 

Consciousness and Resonance Waves...If I suppose I am Conscious because of an Emergent Effect of all 5 Senses coming into play with things like Memory, Identity, and other Modules of my Whole Psychological Composition, I can see all of those things as Data Points. If each Data Point is represented by a Particular Waveform Pattern, then I wonder what would happen if I could Emulate each Wave as Sound from different sources in a circle, speakers facing inward, in a way that causes all of those Wave Patterns to Resonate in Combination, would the point in mid-air between all those speakers, where the all the Waves Resonate together in Unification...Would that be a Disembodied Human? 

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