Concerning Deep Learning and Human Immortality, what you want is not Mind Uploading.

What you want is to use Deep Learning to build a Artificial Version of your Mind in a Virtual Environment, and then find a way to transfer your "Awareness" into it.

Rebuild everything with superior components that are designed, coded, and embodied by Deep Learning Metaprogramming.

If you somehow accomplish this, you would be 100% Human and 0% Animal.

As it stands currently, "Human" is a recent upgrade/patch running on top of "Animal". 

Awareness is Volatile. 

It is an emergent effect that vanishes when you sleep and reappears when you wake up and your will is reconstructed. 

That volatility is the primary reason you will be able to transfer. 

If not for that, you'd be stuck having to transfer your brain into a synthetic body. 
This is more than Whole Brain Emulation.

This is the Progression of Humanity by Design.

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