My digital identity is "Mindblade".  I am a Mindblade because I see my mind as a weapon. This weapon is not for hurting people. It is a potent tool of influencing technological and neuroplasticial courage. I see myself as a teacher for computers and related technologies. I have taught my friends and family, and continue to do so on principle.  Myself as a Mindblade can be seen as a type of growing technological singularity, where I am in a constant increase, developing a mind that is constantly rewriting itself and it's environment through something that I call the "NeuroPlastic Technologic Algorithm", or "NTA". This is defined as a meta-dynamic neurological brain pattern underlying personal awareness and knowledge about computerized technology. This Algorithm allows me to absorb new technologies quicker than "Digital Immigrants", and employ them in creative patterns. I say "meta-dynamic" because NTA is a dynamic process that affects itself in a feedback loop, making for a kind of living pulse of electricity that I envision as a weapon called "Mindblade". I am defined by this, online as well as in my physical environment. It was gained through the conceptual symbiosis of man and machine that took hold of me the first time I put my hands on a keyboard.

With my Mindblade I can conjure with what I call "Technomancy". As a Technomancer, I can develop and wield computer programs and websites, as well as use those that already exist in dynamic, creative patterns that could be seen as a form of Magick. That's right, I spelled "Magick" with a "k" so as to separate the term from slight of hand tricks. Magick is control of yourself and your environment, the belief that one changes the other and vice versa. Technomancy is Magick employed through the use of the tools of the digital age. The word is full of Technomancers. Another word might be "Hacker" used in the positive context as someone who builds programs and solves problems instead of destroying and stealing.

Digital Immigrants are afraid of technological change, and the natives are getting restless. I raise my Mindblade to the heavens and cast spells of Technomancy to obliterate fear and ignorance.

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