As I look out into the wintery night
I sigh into my steaming cocoa cup
The wind blows freezing beyond my window
This barrier between life and death
This wall betwixt harmony and chaos
A mere moment and I could be in agony
But for now I am protected
I am surrounded by chocoloate steam
I am emblazoned with cozyness
I am in a trance of pleasure
If I was out there
If the wind were to turn me to ice
If the chill should cut my world with pain
I should mourn for my chocolate steam
I should weep icy tears for my lost cozyness
I should enter a trance
Swallowed by the eyes of the snow goddess
A dream away from where I was
A soft sigh into the pane of glass
My breath leaves a fog on its surface
I no longer see what could have been
What might still be
What never was
I turn from the window
Swallowed by the comfort
Swallowed by the eyes of the one before me
She rules with the warmth of summer
Her gaze electric
Her song simmers with a radiant glory
The snow goddess screams from beyond the window pane
Her deathly lover stolen
Stolen forever

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